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Rocket design

Unguided aviation rocket S-8КОМ-MВЕ consists of a warhead with a mounted piezo-electrical fuse system and a rocket motor.

The rocket motor is composed of solid ballistic fuel and in the temperature range from 213 К to 333 К has the following characteristics:

  1. sum impulse of the thrust - from 5394 N.s to 5984 N.s;
  2. working time - from 0,45 s to 1,3s.

A modern method for manufacturing from pre-shaped aluminum pipes is being used for the construction of the housing.

Intended use

Unguided aviation rocket S-8КОМ-MВЕ is from the class "air to surface" and it is intended for destruction of:

  1. armored ground targets (tanks, self-propelled artillery, armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers);
  2. unarmored ground targets (specialized machines, radar stations, airplanes and helicopters on the ground etc.);
  3. enemy troops;

Main data

Caliber, mm 80
Length, mm 1522 max
Weight, kg:
   - of the rocket 11,3
   - of the warhead 3,6
   - of the explosive 1,0
Explosive brand PBXN-6 or GEKFOL-5
Designation of the solid rocket propellant brand BINOM or BNK-R
Maximal velocity, m/s 600
Armor penetration capability, mm not less than 400
Quantity of programmed fragments 3 g in weight not less than 400
Firing distance, m 1300 - 4000
Temperature range of combat usage, К (°С) from 213 to 333 (-60 to +60)
Probable deviation of the technical dispersion of the rockets in the picture plane upon firing:
   - From an airplane at speed of 600 to 1200 km/h, mrad not more than 3
   - From a helicopter at speed of 200 to 300 km/h, mrad not more than 8
Warhead - WH-80HCF With cumulative and fragmentation action.
Fuse system – FPZ-17 Piezoelectric, duplicated by inertial action. Protective type, with distant arming secured by clockworks, not influenced by climate conditions. With electronic protection against non-standard circumstances during flight time.

List of aviation carriers

Unguided aviation rocket S-8КОМ-MВЕ is used as ammunition for Russian-made airplanes and helicopters.

The S-8KOM-MBE Unguided aviation rocket is intended for launching from the following launcher pods:

  1. B-8 rocket pod with 20 tubes and its modifications B-8-0, B-8M, and B-8M1;
  2. B-8V20-A rocket pod with 20 tubes;
  3. B-8V7 and B-8S7 rocket pod with 7 tubes.

Storage and transportation

The unguided aviation rockets are stored in wooden packing in closed warehouses. In field conditions they are stored under sheds or tarpaulins that prevent direct moisture or sunlight.

The unguided aviation rockets S-8KOM-MBE are transported in their packaging during all kinds of transport.


Unguided aviation rocket S-8КОМ-MВЕ 4 rockets in a wooden box
Size of the packaging, mm 1770х300х275
Volume, m3 0,146
Gross weight, кg 68
Safety class 1,1F
UN 0180
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