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The aerial target simulator IVC-2MD is a training combat rocket and it is designed to simulate modem, small size, high speed means of air attack in the radiolocation and optical bands of wavelength and to emit active jamming in the frequency range of 7,5 GHz to 15 GHz.

It is used for training of combat units equipped with air defense means operating at medium and short distances, as well as in development and testing of new anti-aircraft missile systems.

It is shot from a launcher BM-21 of Multiple rocket system 9K51 "Grad" or a launcher PU-2MD and it has the same ballistic characteristics as the regular rocket 9M22U (M210F).


The aerial target simulator IVC-2MD consists of:

  1. front part - ensuring the implementation of all simulating functions of the device;
  2. fuse - providing the input parameters of the ballistic flight path and ensuring the reliable actuation of the device mounted in the front part;
  3. source of infrared radiation - 4 tracers ind.9X44;
  4. source of electricity

    The installation of the sources of infrared radiation and the source of electricity in the front part, as well as the joining of the front part and the fuse, is carried out directly on the firing position.

Main features

Caliber, mm 122
Weight, kg not more than 66,7
Flight distance, km not less than 15
Flight altitude range, km 2 - 5
Speed of flight in the area of use, m/s not more than 320
Maximum duration of flight, s 60
Temperature range, oK 213 - 323
Weight of the front part, kg 18,5
Visibility distance for simulation of aerial target in the optic range of the wavelength (in meteorological visibility at least 1 km away), km not less than 5
Duration of visibility in the optic range, s not less than 35
Effective Reflective Surface (at frequency of 15 GHz radar) at imitating aerial target in the radiolocation range, sq.m 0,5 - 1,5
Range of jamming emission, GHz 7,5 - 15
Duration of jamming emission (5 s after the start), s not less than 45


The front part is packed in a wooden case - 1 piece Overall dimensions of the case, mm 910x290x290
The fuse is packed in a wooden case - 1 piece Overall dimensions of the case, mm 2810x280x252
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